Hi. I’m so glad you’re looking for an editor for your book. Having someone edit your hours of work can be an intimidating thought, but it shouldn’t be. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I decided to start Elite Word Design.

My name is Amelia Morrison Hipps, and I spent almost 20 years in the community newspaper industry as an editor. I led staffs to over 115 awards, and I have over a dozen awards for my reporting, editorials, and personal columns.

While I burned out of the industry in 2012, my love of words never left me. Since leaving, I’ve made a living doing editing, freelance reporting, public relations, and publication design. But I kept coming back to the one thing I missed the most about the newspaper industry – coaching writers and polishing their writing.

So, I decided to start Elite Word Design, which lets me do what I love – work with authors to polish their manuscripts.

Since leaving the newspaper industry, I’ve edited two non-fiction books, two adult mystery/suspense novels, and a juvenile, historical fiction novel. I also formatted one novel for CreateSpace and Kindle.

Working with these authors ignited a spark inside me to focus full-time on editing and working with authors to make their books the best they can be. Whether you chose to go the e-publishing or traditional publishing route, I have the skills to help you get there.