“I hired Amelia to copyedit the manuscript for my latest book, and her work as spot-on and immensely helpful. She went above and beyond, recommending some contextual edits, and delivered the manuscript in record time! I’ve recommended her to numerous colleagues and won’t hesitate to hire her again when the need arises.”

Erica Napoletano
Author, Speaker, Consultant


John Bush Book
Juvenile Historical Fiction

“Editor Amelia Morrison Hipps of Lebanon, Tennessee, gave the manuscript careful attention, and it was her observations and insights that helped develop the distinctive voices of the primary characters, especially that of Mary Francis (Fannie).”

John Bush,


“Amelia has done wonderful work! I was in a rush and not only did she get my did she get my query and manuscript turned around in a week, she kept the voice of my work, yet polished it up to be excellent in tone and formatting. I would suggest if you need any editing done, you hire her. I can vouch for the fact you will not be disappointed!”

Barbara E. Harvey
Early Childhood Expert, Parent Coach, Author, Speaker
Parents, Teachers, And Advocates, Inc.


“One of the main reasons I continue to hire Amelia is because of her consistency. Her ability to target her writing to the subject at hand. She has the ability to take what we discuss and write it so that it reflects my thoughts and views in my voice. She gets what I’m trying to say because she takes the time to ask me the questions I need to be asking myself before expressing my thoughts or views.”

Bob Sorey,
Realtor, Advocate

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