Services & Pricing

Editing Services


Proofreading is 1-cents per word and includes the following:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Verb-tense agreement
  • Proper pronoun usage
  • Consistency in formatting


Copyediting is 1.5-cents per word and includes the proofreading services above as well as:

  • Fine-tuning sentence and paragraph structures
  • Removing redundancy
  • Substituting weak words, phrases, and sentences with robust replacements

While you may notice considerable changes to your manuscript, please understand my job is not to take away your unique voice, but instead to polish your words. Together, we will work to make sure you are pleased with the suggested changes or what can be done to get you there.

Contextual Editing*

Contextual Editing is 2-cents per word and is often known as substantive or developmental editing or includes all of the services listed above as well as:

  • Making sure your characters remain true to themselves; timelines flow properly; scene descriptions are consistent
  • Rewriting paragraphs or longer sections of your manuscript if needed for clarification or consistency
  • Offering suggestions for additional information if needed to bolster the manuscript
  • Working closely with you in making the changes to your manuscript while helping you understand why the changes are needed to help you become a better writer

Again, all of this is done without taking away your unique voice. Please understand this type of editing is very time-consuming and requires a close working relationship between us.

* All editing is done using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, so you can see the changes and decide to accept or reject them.

Formatting for Electronic Publishing

Quotes for formatting books for e-publishing projects are done by the job because many factors determine how complicated it may be.

For example are there charts, graphics, or photographs to be included? Do you need me to secure your ISBN number or write the synopsis for your book cover? What about your biographical information for the cover? Or do you need copy written for the e-publisher’s website? All of these factors play a role in determining the final price.

With some basic information about your e-publishing needs, I can give you a fee range based on similar projects.  Please contact me for a specific price quote.

A discount is offered for e-publishing formatting when combined with one of the editing services.


You receive three rounds of editing for all services, and payment is made in thirds based on the following schedule:

  • When manuscript is initially delivered for first round of three edits
  • When manuscript is returned to the author after second round of edits
  • When manuscript is returned to the author after the third and final round of edits

If you need or want additional rounds of editing beyond the initial three, they will be offered at the 1-cent per word rate for Proofreading and are payable upfront for each subsequent round.

All payments are to be made via PayPal.


For new clients or jobs over $1,000 for e-publishing formatting, I require a one-third up-front deposit to begin work.

Kill Fees

At any time, for any reason, you cancel the project, a cancellation fee equal to the balance remaining on the invoice or a charge of $55 per hour for the number of hours worked to date, whichever is less, will be owed.

No Charge

A caring editor and paginator with a positive attitude who will treat you with care, because I understand this book represents the many, many hours you invested in writing it.