Why choose Elite Word Design?

I understand that authors often become so attached to what they have written that they become defensive about every suggestion or correction. I know I did early in my career as a reporter.

But as your editor, my job is not to take away your unique voice, but instead to polish your words, so your distinct voice shines.

One way I do that is by listening to my authors and asking a lot of questions to make sure I clearly understand their objectives. My goal is to fulfill your needs, and the only way to do that is to listen sincerely to you.

The other reason you should consider Elite Word Design is because I understand that editing your manuscript often becomes a close relationship between author and editor. That’s whyI’m not a “let’s crank out as many books as possible” type of operation. Instead, I work closely with my authors with clear communications as my priority.

It’s important to me that you receive the personalized attention you and your manuscript deserve.